January 15, 2016


"Papa Pasquale" has been shortlisted for selection in the 58th Rochester International Film Festival 2016 - the world’s oldest continuously-held short film festival. Amazingly, they actually take the time to give a considered critique of the films. This is rare.

Here's an excerpt from their supernice letter:

"Papa Pasquale was well received by a group of thirteen viewers. It is the iconic story of immigration that many people can related to in one way or another. (One viewer expressed his wish though that the story line engage a twist, turn or conflict, beyond a simple retelling of this experience.) A lot is packed into the 4:23 minutes with images that are clever, tender and humorous. Viewers especially noted the boot of Italy kicking the donkey as well as the scenes of the factory/beauty salon and travel modes. The Tarantella provides a cute “refrain” that nicely structures the transitions in the story."

Valuable feedback people!


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