January 5, 2015

ELLO MONKEY: Social Media Reanimated

By now you all know about the new book. And yes, it's my fourth book in 13 months. We're a goddamn family now.

After three books they just slide right out.

I'm not a comics artist. I'm not a graphic novelist. What I've been doing here on my blog for the past four years, is creating little illustrated stories, like little picture-books. And now I've drawn on the picture-book format to create my first book on social media exclusively for grownups. Here it is:

ELLO MONKEY: Reanimating Social Media.

It is totally free on Gumroad: choose PDF or MOBI. Just enter "0" in the price box and the credit card window will disappear.

Why Gumroads? I want to give you this book just as if I had posted the story on my blog. Of course, if you really want to support my work, you can always throw a dollar or two my way in the "0+" option. Twist my rubber arm you crazy motherfuckers!

ELLO MONKEY is also on Amazon, set at the lowest price possible. Man, those guys don't make it easy, but they do have visibility. So if you like (or hate) this book, please get your glutes on over to leave a short review and rate this sucker.

For the record, Gumroad was easy to set up and their support on Twitter is stellar. In the future, I'm going to deliver more of my stories as 'picture-books for grownups' and 'picture-books for children' of all ages.

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