November 16, 2013

The JC Project.

What you are about to read here is a guest post by my friend Lizz Porter, the much-taller-than-me force of nature behind Am I a Funny Girl? It's a surprize, and even I won't see it until after I hit 'publish'. Unnerving...but fun!

Hi guys! I'm Lizz. I am one of JC's many fans, and I blog over at Am I a Funny Girl? I first "met" JC on Twitter, years ago, and then MET met her last October at the Aiming Low Non-Conference. I've adored her from moment numero uno. (Or nombre un, since she's Canadian which is basically pseudo French and all that) This is me when she Toonswagged me at #Blogher13 in Chicago:


I love my chibi-me, and was thrilled when she finally had a chance to swag me up! She's Toonswagged lots of people I love; it's kind of (OK, totally) her thing. Well, I got to thinking. Who will Toonswag the Toonswagger? Enter and some of our friends. I, with the contributions of some friends, was able to commission a variety of artists to interpret our beloved JC, and so here is that work:
Manga style JC Little drawn by CLGTart.

Portrait of JC by Heather from Stepford Life.

JC Little drawn by Julia Roberts from Support For Special Needs.

Cubified JC Little by Tofupanda.

JC drawn as a Power Puff Girl by Retrobin.

Drawing by Neil Kramer from Citizen Of The Month.

JC toonified by Mahesaalit.

Drawing of JC by Jana from Jana's Thinking Place.

Original photo by Neilochka. Photo edit/paint by Androw5.

Adventure Time style JC Little, by MuraUsagi.

JC Little portrait drawn by Mariana.

JC Little drawn by Ahyat.

Cartoony portrait of JC by Ahmed Shaltout.

I wish I could have commissioned a thousand artists, but alas, I only have ten. Oh wait! There's YOU! How about YOU try your hand at toonswagging JC? Tweet it with the hashtag #ToonswagJC so she (and I!) can check out your handiwork! Everyone's welcome: Your kids, you, your husband... let's see what you've got! it isn't about drawing ability... it's about showing JC that she's loved and appreciated. :) Thanks JC for letting me commandeer your blog! Love you lots, lady! XOXO