April 29, 2011


WARNING: High silliness factor. You might want to first check out this....and this.

Tired of waiting for the perfect comb-over? Now you too can have fantastic hair like Donald Trump! Just get the #TrumpHAIR Twibbon and place it on your Twitter or Facebook avatar like this:

Twibbons are a great way to show you support a meaningful cause, like the Austism Awareness April Twibbon. I've noticed they are also fabulous conversation starters on Twitter. For example:

Friend: Hey, what's that weird thing on your head?

Me: Why thank-you! It's Donald Trump's hair! #TrumpHAIR

Friend: WTF...???

Me: Don't be alarmed. It won't bite you. Haha. #TrumpHAIR

Friend: Actually, that is rather attractive - you wear it so well. #TrumpHAIR

Me: Aw thanks *blushing*. You can have #TrumpHAIR too if you want. @LittleAnimation made it for everyone to share.

Friend: REALLY? I'd love to have #TrumpHAIR!!! Link me up to that Twibbon NOW!

Me: Here it is --> http://twibbon.com/join/TrumpHAIR Don't forget to log in to Twibbon first, so you can resize and place the  #TrumpHAIR!

Friend: Thank-you so, so much! You're awesome! #TrumpHAIR  #FTW

And so on...

My Twitter pal @theblondeview wanted a new Twibbon for May. Donald Trump's hair has been on my mind a lot lately so I made this for her. That's my story and I'm sticking to it....

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  1. Have I told you how much I heart you?! :D

  2. ok, so I am on day 3 of my dad in the hospital, all family is out of town but me, so it's all me, 5 hours later, my oldest son is in the hospital 12 hours away I can't get to him or help him, later that night the prince got pegged at a ball game in over time in the spine with a baseball that knocked him to the ground, then in a forced slide home was hit in the throat, he's 10. I have been running on whats left of fumes. My motto is be peachy. With family in AL suffering from the storms, and all my males hurting, and nothing left of my mind I see this banana on your head, then a DM from you about Peachy roses. JC. You have no clue, what you did. At just the right time when my world is crumbling you sent me a rose, then a silly laugh of a Trump headed YOU. I love you I always will I needed that. I will be Peachy. I can do this. Thanks for being my 5 hour energy baby! love you bunches.

  3. This is why we blog. I heart you guys. Peach, stay strong girl.