April 29, 2011


WARNING: High silliness factor. You might want to first check out this....and this.

Tired of waiting for the perfect comb-over? Now you too can have fantastic hair like Donald Trump! Just get the #TrumpHAIR Twibbon and place it on your Twitter or Facebook avatar like this:

Twibbons are a great way to show you support a meaningful cause, like the Austism Awareness April Twibbon. I've noticed they are also fabulous conversation starters on Twitter. For example:

Friend: Hey, what's that weird thing on your head?

Me: Why thank-you! It's Donald Trump's hair! #TrumpHAIR

Friend: WTF...???

Me: Don't be alarmed. It won't bite you. Haha. #TrumpHAIR

Friend: Actually, that is rather attractive - you wear it so well. #TrumpHAIR

Me: Aw thanks *blushing*. You can have #TrumpHAIR too if you want. @LittleAnimation made it for everyone to share.

Friend: REALLY? I'd love to have #TrumpHAIR!!! Link me up to that Twibbon NOW!

Me: Here it is --> http://twibbon.com/join/TrumpHAIR Don't forget to log in to Twibbon first, so you can resize and place the  #TrumpHAIR!

Friend: Thank-you so, so much! You're awesome! #TrumpHAIR  #FTW

And so on...

My Twitter pal @theblondeview wanted a new Twibbon for May. Donald Trump's hair has been on my mind a lot lately so I made this for her. That's my story and I'm sticking to it....

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